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Three Reasons You Shouldn't Use Bleach To Remove Mold

12/10/2020 (Permalink)

Clorox bleach on white containers on a store shelf. Don't use bleach to remove mold

Here Are Three Reasons Why Not To Use Bleach

If you find a little bit of mold in your building in Mount Prospect, IL, you might think you can get rid of it with just some bleach and a scrub brush. This is not the best way to do some fungus cleanup. here are three reasons why.

1. It Doesn't Fully Kill the Mold
If the mold you're seeing is on a porous surface such as drywall or wood, you're only seeing the tip of the iceberg. The root of the mold is far beneath the surface, and if you don't kill that, the mold will just keep coming back. Cleaning supplies can't get all the way to the root, so even if you use them to get rid of the visible mold, you won't fully kill it this way.

2. It May Feed Mold Growth
Mold and fungus cleanup is a tricky process because fungi feed on damp environments, which means adding water can actually make the problem worse. Bleach is mostly water, believe it or not, and the chlorine that gives it its cleaning power evaporates faster than water. As a result, putting it on a moldy area can actually make the problem worse, because the water sticks around, allowing the mold to grow back and then spread.

3. It Can Harm Your Surfaces
Bleach is a powerful cleaner for a reason. You've probably seen what happens when you accidentally splash some on your clothes or a towel, and your walls and floors are no different. The damage caused by the substance might be acceptable if it actually worked to cleanup mold, but since it doesn't, the stains are far from worth it. It's best to call in a mold remediation company to have them clean the mold with professional equipment.
Fungus cleanup can be complicated, so if you find some mold in your building, it's best to leave it to the professionals.

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